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Camilla Frank

YYPH AW12/13

Because most of the garments from this Autumn/Winter collection are design to look rather nomadic, some of the models are instructed to look lost in direction at the runway- replicating the way a real traveler would be in real life. 

ps: Look at how the Japanese shorty at the back is enjoying the struggle. Especially on the last gif.

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Victoria Ledig, recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, relaborates forgotten animal’s body parts giving them new life. For her graduation collection - P R E C I O U S . S K I N . - she used cow’s heads, tails and lower legs turning them into leather accessories. The result is naturally grotesque.



Briget Riley, Vasarely and Esher were illusionists in optical art. The forms they created is what inspired Ichiro Suzuki for his graduation project at the Royal College of Art in London. He translated old fabrics, made by one of the employees from Henry Poole in 1895, into a collection suits. The resemblance between the three-dimensional and two-dimensional was reconsidered into a floating shape. Ichiro called his study on form “Bio-Geometric Tailoring” and since then, he has explored other tailoring fetishes in “Golden Shears”, “Tweedissimo” and “Tweedissimo Volume II”.

neoprene dress by Ming

"The Miniartextil exhibition, originated from Como in Italy and organized by Italian collectors, explores annually the infinite creativity of selected artists throughout the world. With mini-textiles of a size of 20 cm3, maxi-textile installations and lace creations, over fifty artists compete with their imagination, know-how, innovative spirit and freedom to offer the most exciting art overview of a simple thread.

The theme ‘contemporary agora’ was chosen for this year’s collection, showing a fresh view on the ancient Greek city. 

Natural and industrial materials have created an intersection of art, design and fashion, all exhibiting the contemporary aesthetic.”  via Trend Tablet


Matters of Substance

Alusion, an aluminium foam that comprises of 80% air, is derived from CYMAT, a material used as glass shielding on military vehicles.

London College of Fashion MA 2013 personal favorites

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