So I was just watching Sao Paulo Fashion Week presented and commented by Lilian Pacce on GNT Fashion and I almost cried. So far, I’ve watched Triton, Animale, Tufi Duek and FH por Fause Haten.

In all of the shows, the SHOES were hideous: outdated shapes, uncomfortable (it is either that or the models didn’t know how to walk) and terrible colors.

Triton did an alright job with the digital prints and silhouettes.

Tufi Duek’s wrong was in that curvy and uneven catwalk - the models looked very nervous when trying to walk and kept looking at the ground. I appreciated the use of different textiles and it came through very well on a few of the outfits, but then the collection seemed inconsistent in the last looks which were dark and a mess. They felt like a collage.

Animale’s collection was inspired by an African safari, and explored more the new materials than the ethnical and animal prints - which is good, BUT seen many many times before in a thousand different brands all over the world. The use of this thin stretchy silk brought freshness to a worn-out idea. The looks were very tight, see-through and easy, but the cuts were disastrous and didn’t flatter the models - much less real women.

FH por Fause Haten started out with great energy, with an Brazilian singer and band in the middle of the catwalk, wearing all black singing. The first look was outstanding - the use of stripes in different colors sewn together in that simple-shaped dress, with a shiny cape over it really made an impact. The models had big puffy afros. The start left me expecting more of that afro colorful knitted dresses, but instead it took a completely different direction and structured corsets with lace were introduced. Very delicate, almost Marie Antoinette themed looks, specially with the white afros. The collection was not cohesive at all; not even the color palette - which started out with bright colors and became pale and nude.

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