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Natural light 😌💛

anniefirstchance Hello dear, just wanted to let you know your blog is amazing well done! I am so definitely following you! Could you please check my fashion website (there is a red link reality-fashion in my blog, under the title) ? :) Thank you very much dear! :)

Hya, thanks, right back at ya! Love yours too. Will def check out your website xxxx



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So fierce is the passion that burns within my heart, a raging forest fire, unstoppable and all consuming.

Michael Faudet 

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Dom Sebastian

watermelon + coconut

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My wardrobe pretty much

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Dresden, Germany

Goias, Brasil

London fog

Eiffel tower. Paris.


Tbt to photoshoots with Kama Bernacka. London 2014

The perfect makeup 😍💄 The angriest face 😕🙎

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